Australia Garden – Build-Up Day 5

Things are now progressing well on site!

We had some delays as we are using a Chelsea plot that hasn’t been excavated for some years, so we had to dig very carefully around the roots of the London Planes that tower over the Show Gardens – most of it by hand too!

The Outdoor Fireplace for the entertaining area is taking place. Ross is working on cladding the blockwork structure.

Ross cladding the Outdoor Fireplace

Interior cladding for Outdoor Fireplace












The Gorge Metalwork structure will be assembled next. All the metalwork is now on site.  The blockwork for the Boomerang water feature will start shortly too.

Foreground: Gorge metalwork


Good to see that there are still a few smiles at the end of the day (Jim on site with Mark, the foreman, and Chris).


Designer Jim Fogarty, Mark & Chris on site.


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