New Wild Garden – Habitat Walls and Decking

Progress on the New Wild Garden is coming on – but there’s still lots to do!

Day 13 and the plants have arrived!



Work has begun on the construction of the infill for the Habitat Walls.  It’s quite a painstaking job: the metal frames for the walls are filled with materials by hand in random patterns to create a stunning yet practical home for garden wildlife.  The materials include recycled wooden palettes, logs, old books and even some fruit!

The Habitat Walls are finished on the tops and sides with paddlestone walling.  The stone is cut by hand on site.  Bearing in mind there are five walls – you can see there’s a lot to do and there’s only seven days left until judging!

Mike working on the dry stone walling for the Habitat Walls

Meanwhile, the team are assembling the decking for the seating area and in front of the office.  Again the deck is made from reclaimed boards, so the wood has a lot of character.  The boards are cut to shape and finished off by mild steel surround.

Rich using a soft mallet to tap the surround into place.


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