Australia Garden – Day 15

Progress on the garden is coming on in leaps and bounds now with less than a week to go until judging.

Progress on Day 15.

Dry Riverbed Paths

The Team have been working on the Dry Riverbed Paths in the garden and it’s a time consuming job, since it involves impregnating pebbles of various sizes into mortar.  First of all they place the larger stones and then position the smaller stones around them to make the pattern.  The pebbles are then covered in a slurry mix and rubbed off.  When the path is finished, Paul will acid wash and seal the entire surface – so the race is on to get this done, so that the planting can begin in earnest and the garden can be finished off.  Even Catherine came down on Saturday and Sunday and got stuck in to help!  It’s all hands on deck!

Sand Dunes Wall Sculpture

For the Sand Dunes Wall Sculpture, fibreglass wall panels are painted with a sand textured finish.  Rav is working on concealing the joints between the panels, by throwing red sand into the joints.

Tree Planting

The main construction work has to be completed before the planting can really begin.  In the meantime however, the team can get the trees main structural trees into position.  For more on the RBG Melbourne Planting Team and updates from designer Jim Fogarty – have a look at these films on You Tube: RBG Melbourne Film – The Journey of Water


The Team planting a Livistonia.

The Team planting a Livistonia.


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