Australia Garden – 3 days until judging!

Only three days to go!

The full Australia Garden Team, including a familiar face who's joined for the planting - Andy Sturgeon!

Jim Fogarty and the Team will spend the next few days making the finishing touches to the construction and the planting to make the garden look at it’s best.  But the garden has come on leaps and bounds in the last few days.  Here’s a link to the latest RBG Melbourne You Tube video with updates from Jim and Mark B on site.

Completed Fireplace Seating area and planting going in.

Jim Fogarty and the RBG Melbourne Planting Team have started putting the plants into the garden, by the Pavilion and the Mountain Gorge Water Feature.

Jim Fogarty co-ordinating the RBG Melbourn Planting Team

Sand Dune & Waterhole

Over the last few days, the Landform Team have been building the Sand Dune, installing the Salt Sculptures and building the Waterhole.

The next major test is the Boomerang Water Feature:

The Journey of Water

The Australia Garden’s story is about water.  The garden starts with the desert and a desert Waterhole.  The Boomerang Water Feature symbolises a river and is the next part of the water’s journey through the garden.  Water comes up from an “artesian bore” below ground and bubbles up to the surface at the left hand side of the river.  The river then runs along the length of the water feature to the right hand side where it cascades at the overflow and goes back down into a ground aquifer and on to the Mountain Gorge…

The Boomerang is formed in concrete blockwork, which is rendered and fibre-glassed and finished off with a mild-steel surround which has been painted black.  The final stages will see a “Q-Quartz” trowel finish applied to the surface which gives an intense blue colour, and is then set when it is filled with water.  The Team will be pleased when this is finished – as water features are always a worry!

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