Orchid Extravaganza at Kew Gardens

Whilst we’re all freezing indoors and outdoors this week with temperature’s below zero, some of us have been having a tropical time in the Prince of Wales conservatory at Kew Gardens!

In preparation for the Tropical Extravaganza at Kew Gardens, Mike P and Ross have been helping the Kew Team to prepare the Orchid displays in the Prince of Wales Conservatory this week. They said that it’s been around 15 degrees in there!

Mike & Ross with their handywork at Kew Gardens

This year the theme is inspired by the “forces of nature” – Fire, Air, Water and Earth, and we will see a fantastic display of colour in the glass house.

Mike and Ross have been attaching Orchids and other tropical plants to steel archways that go over the meandering paths.

The festival promotes awareness about the habitats for Orchids and tropical plants, and the threats posed by deforestation and loss of habitat.

We’re really looking forward to seeing the display which runs from 4th February to 4th March. Check out Kew’s website for more information.

A resident Chinese Water Dragon inside the Prince of Wales Conservatory


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