London Marathon 2012 Special

Four years in a row…! Mark and Matt have been training for the last few months ready for this year’s marathon.

We are raising money for the AICR (Association of International Cancer Research) again, who Mark & Matt ran for last year. If you’ve followed our marathon stories in the past you will know that raising money for cancer research is important to not just Mark & Matt, but the whole company. Many of us know people who have contracted cancer. If you would like to help us raise money for our chosen charity visit our page and sponsor Mark & Matt.  They’ve each made a rash promise to don a pink tutu if we reach our total. Remember – only IF we reach our total!

You would think they would take it all in their stride, but it’s not been easy this year! During the 2011 marathon, Matt was unlucky and ran onto one of the plastic water bottles that litter the marathon route.  It caused a fracture in his foot, but he still completed the marathon through determination. The fracture took a few months to heal, and whilst Matt doesn’t feel any pain whilst he runs, he does feel some pain afterwards.  Still that’s not stopped him from throwing himself into his training and participating in the “Bath Half” recently.

Mark on the other hand has been battling on with an Achilles problem, so his marathon training was delayed for a while as he was advised to rest it for a bit.  Mark’s hoping he can complete his fourth marathon in a row with some specially engineered running shoes to help alleviate the Achilles issue.

To sponsor Mark & Matt and find out more about the AICR charity – visit our page.

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