Olympic Rings at Kew Gardens

With 100 days to go until the Olympic Games, the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew have unveiled a spectacular floral display to commemorate the event.  The five coloured rings can be seen on the ground in Kew Gardens and from above, in aeroplanes flying into Heathrow Airport.

Landform have been helping with the installation.  Mike and Ross have been popping to Kew quite a bit recently: marking out the circles, cutting away the turf and helping with the planting.  The installation spans 50 metres and comprises of hundreds and hundreds of Viola ‘Light Blue’, Viola ‘Clear Yellow’, Viola ‘Black Delight’, apple mint (Mentha suaveolens) and Viola ‘Red Blotch’ plants.

Setting out the Olympic Rings

Also as a part of the installation, we worked with Sureset to produce 10 resin coloured paths allowing people to walk through the circles.  Sureset’s resin bonded gravel usually comes in natural gravel colours,  but they can produce brightly coloured patterns, which can be ingeniously used for ground designs in school playgrounds.  Visit their site to see more about what they do.

The BBC have made a little film about the display – visit YouTube to see the film.  If you look closely at the beginning you can see Mike and Ross cutting the turf away!

To find out more about what Kew are doing to commemorate the London Olympic games – visit their web site.

The completed Rings with Sureset coloured resin paths

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