Blue Water Garden – Day One!

Well – it’s all happening!

Yesterday (Day Zero) our Landform foremen Rich & Mark B, and Ed, from the Landscape Agency, were busy setting out.  As you can see – they were also avoiding small swamps on the plot! We are next to the Rock Bank Restaurant at the south end of Main Avenue, to help you get your bearings!

Blue Water plot under water on "Setting Out" day!

And – what difference a day makes! Day One and all the foundations for the Trulli Building and the water feature have been excavated.  The Team Tea Shed has been errected!

Day One on site at RHS Chelsea

Meanwhile – quite a coup for Nigel Dunnett and the Planting Team: we have 550 lilies being delivered.  Just need to make sure they are at peak for the judging. If we can pull it off, no one will have seen anything like this before!

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