Blue Water Garden – Less than 2 weeks to go!

Progress so far...

What difference a week makes?

With less than two weeks to go(!) the build is coming on nicely: the dry stone roof on the Trulli Building is about half way to completion and the Monocouche rendering of the walls has begun.

Nigel Dunnett has been up to Lindum Turf in York, to have a look at the bespoke native/exotic meadows for the RBC Blue Water Garden.  These have been made up according to Nigel’s experimental perennial seed mixes, and grown for the last year as pre-vegetated perennial mats, ready to be planted on site as ready-made ornamental meadows.  It’s very exciting because the meadows are just coming into flower, and should be perfect for Chelsea!

Within Nigel’s special mix the Verbascum phoenecium ‘Purpurea’, Knautia arvensis, Linum perenne, and Dianthus carthusianorum are starting to flower. Can’t wait to see the finished planting!


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