Upcoming: Landform at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show

RHS Chelsea Flower Show may still be fresh in people’s minds, but Landform has already moved on to new ventures at RHS Hampton Court! The builds on three very different projects has begun in preparation for the show week (30th June to 5th July).

Landform is very pleased to be building the main RHS garden exhibit, sponsored by BBC Gardener’s Question Time.  The garden has been designed by Nigel Dunnett, with the Landscape Agency. This is our second collaboration with Nigel this year (see our blog on the John Lewis Rain Garden).

The RHS “From Grey to Green” garden exhibit is an exciting project, which pays reference to the story of the Kensington Road Bristol Community who transformed a derelict piece of land into a community garden. It also raises awareness about what gardens and green spaces can do to abate urban air pollution, which causes health problems such as respiratory infections and lung cancer.

Nigel’s design shows the transformation from a grey, urban street into a green community space and green front gardens with many of his trademark features which also address flooding and biodiversity.

Grey to Green plan

Our foreman Rich and his team will be laying permeable paving, building habitat walls, green roofs and green walls, plus a wildlife pond, so there’s a lot going on. Rich has been foreman on three of Nigel’s Chelsea Flower Show gardens previously, and is being supported by our garden designer Catherine, who has also worked closely with both Nigel and Rich on the previous show gardens. Catherine will be busy onsite working with Nigel to do the planting there in the final week.

The green front gardens for the streetscape will include productive vegetable gardens, wild habitats and even a formal style to show what can be achieved with biodiversity in mind. Multi-layered shrubs are good for absorbing vehicle pollution, stepping stones through lawns will help to minimise urban heating and rain gardens will tackle flooding. These ideas will show just what can be done to ease these widespread urban problems.

Nigel Dunnett says: ‘Now, more than ever, it is essential that we champion the role of horticulture, gardens and plants as being in the vanguard of how we address the multiple challenges of climate change in our built environments. We need to fill our cities with plants, and to be radical and innovative in how we do it. We need to start a revolution! With the RHS Hampton Court garden we aim to show how this can be done in even the smallest of places, in community spaces, in private gardens, and in the wider public realm.’ We can’t wait to see the finished exhibit!

Marshalls is donating the hardlandscape materials. Hortus Loci is loaning the trees for the garden and supplying the plants. Green Roof Shelters  is donating two bike shelters and bin stores with green rooves. Lindum Turf is supplying a wildflower meadow.

Grey to Green Concept VisualLandform are also building the Turkish Ministry of Culture & Tourism: Garden of Paradise in the World Gardens category. Designed by Nilufer Danis, the 11 x 10m plot is a modern interpretation of a C10th Turkish Islamic Garden. This is the first Turkish garden designed and built for an RHS flower show.

Containing classical elements such as a fountain, rills, glazed tiles and a central metal arbour, the enclosed courtyard garden aims to evoke the rich history and culture of Turkey.

Our foreman Ed and his team are building this project, which will feature Turkish Travertine paving, a hand carved marble fountain, ironwork grills and the geometric arbour central to the design.

With Cypresses and fruit trees for structure, bright and dark red herbaceous plants for excitement, the soft landscaping will reflect the rich flora of Turkey, inspiring people to visit the country.

The Travertine paving is supplied by London Stone. The Turkish pots and plants are supplied by Hortus Loci. The metalwork is supplied by Anvil Metalworks. 150The third project that Landform is building is for Hartley Botanic. Again another partnership we are happy to be repeating. Our garden designer Catherine has designed the planting for the stand and whilst she will be busy working on “From Grey to Green”, her colleague Rhiannon will be helping with the planting for the trade stand.

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