RHS Chelsea 2017: Update on The Seedlip Garden

Build up for RHS Chelsea 2017 is now underway. Our teams are on site and working on the RHS Greening Grey Britain Exhibit and the Welcome to Yorkshire Show Garden.

Work on the two artisan gardens, The Seedlip Garden and The Poetry Lover’s Garden, begins on Wednesday 10th May.

We thought we would bring you an update on the “delicious” Seedlip Garden, designed by Catherine MacDonald. Two of the central concepts of the garden is the relationship between science & nature, and the link between old & new.

Founder of Seedlip, Ben Branson with sculptor Rupert Till

The garden is inspired by the story of Seedlip and its Founder, Ben Branson, following his discovery of the 17th century book ‘The Art of Distillation’ to creating the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits in his ‘kitchen lab’ in the woods.

Central to Catherine’s design, is a copper and bronze sculpture which provides a symbolic interpretation of the Seedlip journey from ‘book to bottle’. Sculptor Rupert Till is bringing the sculpture to life, as well as working on the copper pipework that runs through the garden, signifying the importance of water in the growing and distillation processes. Copper has a dual significance for Seedlip being an element used in a traditional still, and thus integral to distillation, but it is also one of its brand colours.

Catherine recently went to see Rupert’s progress and she said it was exciting to see how the concept and her drawings of the sculpture were starting to come to life. Rupert is using different chemicals to patinate the copper in varying ways: the copper in the ‘old side’ of the garden will show signs of verdigris oxidisation; the copper in the ‘new side’ of the garden will be the gleam by contrast.

A segment of the ‘old’ sculpture, patinated to show age.

There are 8 elements or symbols in the sculpture’s design. We couldn’t possibly reveal the magic of this sculpture in it’s entirety until the show but we are delighted to be able to give a sneaky preview of the sculpture’s progress. One of the symbols will represent an actual seedlip, which is the inspiration for the name of the company.

This really is tantalising! We can’t wait to see the finished sculpture, garden and have a tasty drink too!


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