RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018 – Update on The Seedlip Garden

By the end of the week, work will begin on our second design & build at Chelsea Flower Show – The Seedlip Garden, designed by Catherine MacDonald. The garden will be a celebration of the pea, and help to inspire and educate visitors about the edible varieties of pea (e.g. garden, sugar snap & snow), and three men (Mendel, Lamborn & Branson) from three different centuries, who are responsible for pioneering the cultural, culinary and scientific significance of the pea!

All the plants being used in the garden are from the Fabaceae (pea) family. A couple of weeks ago, Catherine, together with Ben Branson and Rod Lamborn, visited the nursery, Hortus Loci, to look at the very specific palette of plants being grown for the garden. See this short clip below:

Outdoor Design are working on the ‘Peavilion’, the bespoke garden structure that is the main focal point within the design, and also on other metal elements in the design. We are really looking forward to seeing the finished structure in the garden, but for now we are only allowed to show a few tantalising glimpses! The upcoming Seedlip Garden video focusing on a visit Catherine & her foreman, Will Gadd, made to Outdoor Design last week will reveal more!

A glimpse of the metalwork made by Outdoor Design

As will become evident a big element of the design is the use of circles, to represent the form of the garden pea, being seen on the facade of the Peavilion and repeated in the paving and grilles that form the walking to this elevated structure. Catherine recently visited London Stone, who are producing the impressive Jura Green limestone paving elements for the garden, to watch the circles being cut.

The green Jura stone being cut at London Stone

Catherine & Mark looking at stone samples

Catherine visiting London Stone

We look forward to seeing the design begin to take shape and will bring you updates over the next few weeks.

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