Upcoming: RHS Hampton Court 2018 – The Landform Garden Bar, A Tribute

This year at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show, we are creating the Landform Garden Bar, designed by Rhiannon Williams. The garden is a refreshing take on outdoor entertaining: it will be a space to socialise in, but also a place to relax & unwind in, and to reflect on the hustle and bustle of our busy lives.

The Landform Garden Bar, designed by Rhiannon Williams

The garden has a particularly significant personal story behind it as Rhiannon was helped in the design by her late partner, Matthew Bradley. Our youngest foreman, who sadly lost his life in November 2017. Matthew had a passion for show gardens and thrived on the team dynamic and fast pace of the builds. Landform are proud to be building this garden and to use this opportunity to create a fitting tribute to a passionate young landscaper who is sorely missed within Landform and the Show teams.

The garden will showcase the many talents within Landform, focusing on craftsmanship, team work and demonstrating the specialist skills within our industry, whilst also celebrating the drive and passion Matthew brought to all his work.

Recognising that not all gardens have the space for a dining area, Rhiannon and Matthew were keen to create a versatile design with ideas that could suit different sized spaces. The Landform Garden Bar aims to demonstrate it’s still possible to have an area in which to serve food and drink within a small space.

Taking inspiration from the gardens of Hotel Alma, the space can be multifunctional: the bar is for eating as well as drinking; the low seating area is for reflecting and perhaps settling down with a book, or getting comfy by the firepit in all seasons.

The handcrafted bar area will have a metal pergola to provide some shelter, and whilst it is primarily an entertaining area, it could also be used as a desk space, making it a versatile space.

The garden will offer many “take home ideas” for visitors, and will feature a low maintenance planting scheme, including some edible plants, which could be used at the bar, with bursts of orange and white for its colour palette.

The garden will feature subtle tributes to Matthew and his passion for landscaping, in particular hard landscaping. For example, his habit of writing his name on things will be reflected in the stonework with his signature engraved into the paving and stone stools. Testament to his popularity, many of his colleagues and professional friends will be coming together to leave their mark on the garden too, celebrating the craftsmanship and teamwork that Matthew took great pride in.

Matthew Bradley pictured with Rhiannon Williams (top left), and on the RHS Chelsea & RHS Hampton Court Show Gardens he worked on with Landform 2016-2017.

We will bring you more on the progress and the skills involved in this special garden over the next few weeks.


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