Looking ahead to RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019 is expected to be another exciting year for Landform. By building 2 out of 10 Main Avenue Gardens for the prestigious show, it will be an excellent opportunity to showcase the skills of the company.

We are extremely excited about the build for the Dubai Majlis Show Garden, designed by Thomas Hoblyn. It promises to be a very technical and exacting build. We will bring you the full concept of this garden, in another blog, in the coming months.

The Dubai Majlis Show Garden, designed by Thomas Hoblyn

For Mark Gregory, this RHS Chelsea will be something of a “tour de force”! He will be wearing two hats, one as contractor for Thomas Hoblyn’s garden, and one as designer for his own show garden – The Welcome to Yorkshire Garden.

For Mark, this year’s Chelsea was a huge success, something which he says he’d not experienced before on that scale. The public enthusiasm and feedback for the Welcome to Yorkshire 2018 garden has inspired Mark to create something extraordinary in 2019.

Of the 2018 build, Mark says: “It was effortless, it flowed. We had a great team and there were no disasters, we even finished ahead of schedule. From my extensive show experience, I feel I have a unique set of skills and the complexity of construction doesn’t particularly phase me. But this year, I want to be challenged and I feel like I want to step outside of my comfort zone. The overwhelming interest in the details of the garden shown by the general public has spurred me on to deliver something even more exceptional this time.”

For this year’s garden, Welcome to Yorkshire wanted to focus on West Yorkshire. It’s very easy to bring images of the Yorkshire Dales and the North Yorkshire Moors to mind, when thinking of the biggest county in the country, but West Yorkshire is a tourist destination, rich in heritage. Historically seen as an industrial area, threaded with canals leading from cotton mills to the docks in the North West, the waterways of West Yorkshire are now an environmental resource and leisure attraction. Mark has taken inspiration for his design from the narrow canal in Huddersfield.

The Welcome to Yorkshire Garden 2019, designed by Mark Gregory.

Mark enjoys the research process for show gardens. “Whatever client you have, it becomes a series of little adventures, making new discoveries and meeting new people along the journey. I am aiming to create a horticultural experience, transporting visitors to a different place. The garden will have a series of views and vignettes, giving visitors details to enjoy.”

We look forward to bringing you more on the two gardens in the run up to May.

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